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Year Group Parent Reps

The Committee

Year 3: Kate Craddock, Lisa Seddon, Fiona Bolman, Tiana Litten

Year 4: Caroline Sheppard, Suzanne Williams, Jane Collins, Sarah Claringbull

Year 5: Amie Niland, Jessica Page, Ellie Allery, Amanda Ireland

Year 6: Emma Weston, Emma Gallagher, Maria Oxborough, Tracey Rogers, Ruth Frewin, Helen Gooden

The current committee took over at the end of March 2016, and the committee was re-elected at an AGM in September 2016.

The Committee consists of:

  • Lesley Lawrence (Headteacher): President
  • Eloise Binder & Susan Dinmore: Co-Chairs
  • Tamsin Birch and Amie Niland: Co-Secretaries
  • Emma Slaymaker: Treasurer